About Us


A Journey of Rediscovery Through Salt Therapy

Our commitment to providing value for money, a sense of family, and a space of peace drives us to create a positive impact on the lives of our clients every day. We believe in the healing power of salt therapy and its ability to improve the well-being of individuals of all ages.

Love, Serendipity and a Passion for helping

At Salt Wellness Rooms, our story is one of love, serendipity and a shared passion for helping others find relief and well-being. It all began when Paul and Pauline reconnected after 54 years after their first love. This reunion brought Paul to Australia and ignited a renewed sense of togetherness with Pauline.

They saw an opportunity to embark on a new adventure together. Pauline’s positive experiences with salt therapy inspired them to establish Salt Wellness Rooms, a place where they could share the remarkable healing benefits of salt therapy with others.

Touching Lives through healing and Transformation

Throughout their journey, they have been touched by the stories of countless individuals who have found solace and healing within the walls of Salt Wellness Rooms. 

Despite initial scepticism from some, they have seen older men and women experience significant relief from respiratory and skin conditions after consistently undergoing salt therapy treatments. They have also witnessed the remarkable transformation of young children and babies, whose parents opted for natural cures rather than turning to early-age medications.

These heartwarming experiences fuel their passion to keep Salt Wellness Rooms flourishing.

our mission and vision

Embracing Natural Healing, Empowering Well-being.

Our mission at Salt Wellness Rooms is to create a welcoming and nurturing space where individuals of all ages can find relief, healing, and a sense of belonging. Through our commitment to providing exceptional salt therapy experiences, we aim to empower our clients to embrace natural healing.

Our vision is to be a leading provider of salt therapy in Australia. We want to be recognised for our dedication to excellence, personalised care, and genuine relationships with our clients. With a focus on continuous improvement and innovation, we aspire to be a guiding light in the pursuit of holistic wellness and a source of inspiration for others in the wellness industry.

what is a salt room

Uncover the Healing Sanctuary of a Salt Room

In the heart of our wellness centre lies a remarkable healing sanctuary known as the Salt Room. Designed to harness the ancient therapeutic power of salt, this unique space offers a myriad of benefits for respiratory, breathing, and skin conditions.

Salt is negatively charged and has the natural ability to attract and bind positively charged particles to it. The neutralizing forces of salt can cancel out positive charged and harmful electromagnetic vibrations in our environment, as well as in areas of our body. 

By entering the Salt Room, you can experience the profound calming and de-stressing effects of salt therapy, which work to soothe and restore balance to the nervous system.

Salt room

The Power of Salt Therapy

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic properties of salt. Salt Therapy involves inhaling pharmaceutical-grade dry salt particles, which can help cleanse your respiratory system, alleviate respiratory conditions, and promote overall well-being.

Salt room

Serene Environment

With gentle lighting, soothing music, and a calming atmosphere, you can let go of tension and unwind in a tranquil setting. Whether you choose to meditate, practice deep breathing exercises, or simply relax, the Salt Room provides a sanctuary for quiet reflection and rejuvenation.

Salt room

Controlled Atmosphere

We exclusively utilise Pharmaceutical Grade Salt, carefully processed to ensure its utmost purity. This exceptional salt undergoes a meticulous transformation within our advanced Halogenerator, resulting in the dispersion of micro-particles throughout the room.

How Salt Therapy Works

Discover the Wonders of Halotherapy

The concept of Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, traces its roots back over 100 years, traces its roots back to when miners were underground for days yet had healthy lungs. Throughout history, natural salt mines and caves were revered for their healing properties, with people seeking refuge in these underground sanctuaries to alleviate various ailments and find solace.

Harnessing the therapeutic qualities of underground Salt Caves, Halotherapy infuses the air with natural salt microns and ions. These elements are renowned for their effectiveness in reducing symptoms of respiratory diseases. They also provide relief for breathing difficulties and soothe irritated skin conditions while restoring the body’s essential ionic balance.

In our modern world, where air pollutants are increasingly prevalent, respiratory and skin problems have become more common. Halotherapy offers a natural and holistic approach to combat these conditions. These conditions take the form of: