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Inspiring Testimonials of Improved Well-being

"This was the first time for me in the adult room and I find that the concentration of salt is much lower than in the private room. It was still nice and relaxing but didn’t feel the impact as much as with the previous two private sessions. (Very Happy)"
Linda Besenyei
(2nd Dec 2022)
"I was greeted with a wonderful smile and energy and then relaxed in an accepting environment. I coughed a lot throughout my time in the room and felt zero judgement. Breathing in the salt helped clear my airways and reduce congestion in my head. I look forward to future sessions. Thank you (Very Happy)"
(14th Nov 2022)
"Really enjoyed the experience – it’s comfortable, relaxing, and a nice step away from the mad outside world. Calming and soothing, the head congestion I was experiencing at the time improved off the back off just one visit. I will be back! Thanks team. (Very Happy)"
Greg Jennings
(3 Sept 2022)
"I find their salt rooms; very clean; the staff friendly and caring. — most importantly I can breathe far more easily after a session. (Very Happy)"
Will Charlton
(30th Nov 2022)
"I feel amazing every time I have a salt room session. My sleep is better my energy levels are better my stress levels are better that people at work are noticing the difference in me. I was able to do a double shift at work because I had more energy so that is fantastic. I would highly recommend the salt room to everyone and do tell work colleagues about it all the time. Thanks again so good. (Very Happy)"
Rebecca L Szucs
(21st Oct 2022)
I had a nice and relaxing first salt therapy session at Salt Wellness Rooms in Rosanna and I’m feeling great after. Their service is very friendly and I’ll definitely be back. (Very Happy)
Leon Pumpa
(18 Aug 2022)